Welcome to our development and creativity school for children from 3 till 16 years old
Your child can more!
We think that every child is unique and we try to open his or her own skills. Every day we give them our love, warm, care and attention. Our teaches understand children behaviour and know how to work with different types of characters.

Friend`s Planet is a small world, which gather people who think one way. We believe that we bring something new and interesting for your children. It's so important to learn how to express themselves, how to be smart and curious.

We have serious programme for preschool children, but we do do it though the games and playing activities, different master-classes, science experiments, Capoeira, painting and others.

Our goal is to adapt children in social surrounding and instill love of studing.
All our teachers speak English fluently.

We know exactly that our children are ready for entering school tests.
Planet`s doors are always open.Welcome to our school.

Our main goal is developing in different sides of the child's personality.
It is important for us
Prepare your child to primary school
Development of creativity of each child
Development of perception, attention, language memory, imagination, intuitive and logical thinking
Development of speech culture and culture communication
Мutual attitude to each other
Our students study Russian language in various aspects
The moral and aesthetic development
Psychological support of the child's personality
Our partners
Friend`s Planet
Vladivostok, Zhukovskogo st. 22

Our contacts:
+7 (914) 965-59-22 Varvara (eng)
+7 (904) 620-01-90 Alexey (rus)

E-mail: friends-planet@mail.ru

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